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I could have sworn that I posted Ryan's birth story. Well almost three months later here it is.
Ryan Lee’s Birth Story

We were team green again this pregnancy so Ryan’s gender was not revealed until his birth.

Leading up to delivery was quite interesting, Ryan was quite the tease. Scott was out of state during week 38 of my pregnancy so we were praying he didn’t make an early arrival. He didn’t but I had a fair amount of contractions from then until D day. This pregnancy we planned a homebirth with a CNM.

When Ryan finally did decide to come at 8 days past his guess date we were all more than ready. Scott and I had just gotten over an 8 hour stomach flu from the day before and although Scott was tired I was more than ready.  I started having a few contractions around noon but figured it would be best to just ignore them. Seeing as how I had gone with steady contractions for up to 8 hours and then having them stop in the weeks before I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. After a few I thought they might be a little different since I was starting to focus. About one I some bloody show so I called my Midwife who was working in town and was going to stop by that day anyway. She got to the house about two and at first glance wasn’t sure how into labor I was. I was breathing and still mostly able to talk through my contractions. She went ahead and checked me at a 6. She checked me at my 40 wk apt and I was a 2 very thin and stretchable to a 4. She said “looks like Im staying here”.  From there the ball started rolling. She called her assistant who lives about an hour from town so she could head in. Im sure she also called her husband to let him know she would be a while. I changed into labor clothes while my mom gathered Corey and the girls so they could play down stairs and Heidi (our midwife) and Scott got the tub set up. I got out Corey’s big brother gift so that he had something new to play with.

After coming up from the laundry room and having another contraction Heidi said that I finally looked like someone in labor to a six. Once the tub was filled I got in. Since I was sick the day before I had to get my fluids back up. Heidi mixed up an electrolyte mix in a 32 oz hospital mug I had from Corey and made me drink from it every couple of minutes. When I finished it a couple hours later I was told I had just been given a bag of fluid without having to be stuck. Laboring in the tub was great. I still had back labor, same as with Corey, so Scott provided me with great counter pressure during contractions. When I needed to change positions and Scott wasn’t able to provide pressure it was easy enough for me to do it. I feel like I wasn’t as deep into labor land as I was with Corey which Im sure was because of scenery being different.

Early on we decided I had a bulging bag of water.  We also knew and decided for Ryan that his water would not be ruptured artificially. During my whole labor he had one deceleration, since he didn’t have any more Heidi figures he just pinched his cord for a second. At about 5 my phone rang, it didn’t get answered of course but I asked Scott who it was and he said it was Andy, my step dad. That’s how I knew the time. I told Scott to tell my mom to order pizza because I knew it was dinner time and everyone would be getting hungry and I was in the kitchen. Things continued to progress and for a change Heidi had me get out of the tub, try and use the bathroom and see if being on land would get us somewhere. I hadn’t stalled but my water hadn’t broken either. I was to the point in my labor when I was done and just wanted to take a nap. I had the same experience shortly before delivering Corey. I went into our room to lie down in bed. Scott sat with me a while and then traded places with Kelly, Heidi’s assistant. While in bed my water finally broke and with the next contraction the pushing phase started. I had one pushing contraction in bed (while everyone was in the kitchen getting the tub back to temp. This kind of got me because Ryan could have easily been born with the first contraction. He wasn’t thankfully and I made it to the tub. Ryan crowned with the next contraction despite my efforts to help him come slow to prevent tearing. After he crowned Heidi took the cord from around his neck and he was born on the next push.

Scott announced the gender of our second son, just like he did with Corey and he will do with all our babies. Ryan was born just before 8pm and Corey got to see him right away since he wasn’t quite asleep yet. Scott cut the cord after the placenta delivered and Scott, Ryan, and I all moved into our room to bed. After using the bathroom, Scott and I both being pooed on, and a few sips of broth we caught a nap while everything was cleaned up. Once clean up was done we weighed and measured Ryan who had the same stats as Corey, 8lbs and 21 in. From there we gave Heidi and Kelly thank you shawls I crocheted and they headed home. We got Corey calmed down and in bed and relaxed and ate for a couple hours before turning in.

After Ryan’s birth, almost a month ago now, I don’t want to deliver a baby anywhere other than at home. When Corey got up early the next morning he was able to join Scott, Ryan, and I in bed like nothing had changed. For uncomplicated and healthy pregnancies Home is the safest place to deliver. After having Ryan I truly believe this. I didn’t know about the one deceleration he had until visiting with Heidi the next day. I also didn’t know that his cord was loose enough around his neck but tight to get over his head. Had I arrived at the hospital dilated 6 cm with a bulging bag of water it is very likely my water would have been broken. Leaving the membranes intact cushions baby and cord during contraction. With broken water it’s possible that Ryan would have dropped quickly, tightening his cord, or causing decelerations with every contraction, leading to a possible section. Instead we all enjoyed the labor and delivery we had been planning since September.

I also encapsulated his placenta which I can post more about later, Corey is ready for bed.

ETA: I realized a few minutes ago that I didnt clarify whether I tore or not. I didnt tear. I did have a minor split in the skin or both labia. They healed fine and I honestly didnt know they were there afterwards.

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