Two Sparrows

Baby #2

    The end of August, 2010 brought a very positive HPT and nervous excitement from Scott and I. We have carried this pregnancy close to the same as we did Corey's. We are seeing a midwife for prenatal care, not finding out the gender, and planning a natural unmedicated birth. We are in the final count down with only 5 weeks until our estimated due date. Having only 5 weeks left means that in two weeks at our next prenatal apt our midwife will go on call for our pending labor and delivery as well as start seeing us once a week. Week 38 Scott will be out of the state for work training and I think we are both a little nervous about the thought.
    We are starting Corey's transition to his own room and will be getting our room ready for a new roommate over the next couple of weeks. This pregnancy has gone by so fast compared to when I was pregnant with Corey. I have a hand full of things I cant wait to share about our journey with this baby but I feel they will be best shared after the birth.