Two Sparrows

Corey Dean

    In February of 2009 my HPT showed positive before the control line even had a chance to form. My husband and I were going to parents. We told our parents and a couple of months later I had my first prenatal apt. I remember hearing the little heart beat and laughing.
    Our lives continued on and we prepared for our baby's arrival. We had an anatomy scan at 20 weeks to make sure our baby had all its fingers and toes and that everything was healthy and in place. We passed on finding out the gender and loved having a peek at our growing baby.
    All throughout the pregnancy I received all the comments I think most expecting women hear. "Oh my goodness you don't know what your having! I would never be able to do that." "Your seeing a what? A midwife?" "You should really just get the epidural, it makes it all worth it." to each of them I said yes or no appropriately and went along my business. Who were they to tell me that I should know my baby's gender before birth, or that I should have absolute faith in a quack anesthesiologist and not in my own body. These are posts for another day so I will continue on about my beautiful baby.
    October came and drug on like it was never going to end. Then finally my estimated due date came and went. After its passing I decided I would go the full 42 weeks (since I was 13 days late) and not worry about the baby ever being born. I saw my midwife for a post date appointment and chose to have my membranes stripped. I also told her I didn't expect the baby anytime in the next week. I scheduled a non stress test and ultrasound for the next week to make sure the baby was still OK if I hadn't gone into labor by then.
    Little did I know that telling a baby to stay put as long as it wants will make it decide to be born as soon as it can. Within hours of arriving home I was having inconsistently consistent contraction. They were similar to the ones I had over the weekend and I fully expected them to fade. To my surprise they didn't in fact they got increasingly consistent. I chatted with my mom about my appointment and that I was having some contractions for a couple of hours now. She said she would leave work at lunch and that I was in labor. I was so far in denial it wasn't even funny; I had just told myself that morning the baby wouldn't be born for another week or more. Scott came home from math for some lunch before he went back to the diesel shop for the rest of his shop time. Like any other day I opted to join him so that I wasn't just hanging out at home all day. We got to the shop about noon and were there until 4:30 when Scott's mom was almost to our house. Scott stayed behind for a few more minutes and I headed home to meet our moms. Scott got home about 5 and we left to grab some dinner before Scott went to work. Scott ended up not having time to eat so we boxed his dinner for when he got off work. Contractions were closer and stronger but still fully manageable. My mom, mother in law and I went home and hung out as I progressed further into labor. I tried to nap and showered. 12 hours into labor my water broke. Thankfully it broke at the same time as Scott was getting off work. He got home and had his dinner, I stayed in the bathroom or our room because I thought the smell was horrendous. Once he finished up we decided to head down the hill to the hospital to see where we were. I was admitted at 5 cm and put on the monitors for a few minutes until I told the nurse to take them off because they were bothering me (censored for your reading pleasure). She removed them and I finished stripping down. My shirt was annoying as well as anything really touching me. I labored in the tub for a while and then went between the bed and the toilet. I think I spent more time on the toilet though. There is just something about the supported squat that helps open the pelvis and allow the baby to descend. Time at this point is all a blur, by shortly after 3 am I was ready to get my baby Out. A short time pushing, literally like 5 contraction, I was holding my dear sweet baby. The first blanket that was thrown over us was pink and then a nurse asked something about the baby. Since Scott wasn't fully on board with not knowing the gender it was made his job to announce what our baby was. I asked him what we had and he lifted the baby by its leg and said "I think its a boy."  The nurses took off the pink blanket and covered us with a blue one. Scott cut Corey's cord and went to announce to our mom's that we had a sweet little boy while I finished delivering the placenta.
    Corey's birth was amazing and something I will never forget. Watching him come into this world (I chose to have a mirror set up) was amazing. I didn't tear or have any complications and neither did he. He weighed in at 8lbs, a weight that surprised everyone but me.

18 months

It has been almost 18 months since Corey's birth and I cannot believe it has gone by so fast. His first latch to the breast which led to 12 months of successful nursing. His first smile which has led to at least one moment of pure amazement and joy for his daddy and I. Learning to roll from his belly to his back and waiting until almost 8 months before he rolled the other way. Crawling, pulling up, walking, running, and now a little bit of talking.
His most recent accomplishment has been starting to potty train. We are taking it one day and one accident at a time. I am in no rush to have him fully trained and know that him not being a big talker is where a lot of accidents happen. He is started and on the right path though.