Two Sparrows

Our Story

"She's fifteen and he's barely driving a car" Tanya Tucker
This line describes the first time Scott and I met perfectly; I was 15 and he was 16. We were introduced at a end of conference dance for FFA. That first dance was one I will never forget. Scott pulled me in close and I felt so safe in his arms. That was the beginning of the rest of our lives.
Three years to the day we started "going out" we promised to spend the rest of our lives together. Come April 19th another three years will have passed.
In the three years since we said "I Do" we have graduated high school, gone to college, welcomed our first born, moved to a new state, and are about to welcome our second child. Some days it feels like we have been together our entire lives and its hard to imagine its only been six years.

My Great Grandmother was married to my Great Granddad for almost 75 years when death did them part. Scott and I have always used that as our motivation. 
Girl meets Boy April 2005
The day we met feels like a lifetime away now but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. My friends and I had spent the last few days attending contests and sessions for our state convention. We were on the last full day and had most of it to relax and get ready for the end of convention dance. We went to Cal Ranch and looked at clothes and then back to the hotel to get ready. I had no idea that my life would be changing that night. We were all dressed in our best jeans and conference T-shirts as we loaded the bus to head to the Boys and Girls club where our dance was being hosted.
    We entered the club with music already going and kids from across our state dancing and having a good time. Not long before the dance ended one of my friend Matt went off in search of a friend of his that he had met at his church, in our neighboring town. While Matt was gone a few of us girls were talking about the next slow song and who wanted to dance with who. Danielle a girl just older than me wanted to dance with Matt when he got back. Matt returned with a tall seemingly awkward guy in tow. No sooner had introductions been made the next slow song came on. I informed Matt that Danielle wanted to dance with him and being polite I offered to dance with his friend. To this day I don't remember what song was playing as we danced. We started out with the typical strangers standing at arms length apart but it was less than a minute before he walked his hands across my back and pulled me in to dance closer. I smiled to myself thinking it was cute but nothing more. Then I felt it, I was safe, a feeling of safe that I had never felt with anyone but my own dad when I would curl up on his lap.
    A few songs later and the dance was over but wait how can I call you? Frantically I searched for a pen as our advisers were shouting us out the door to the bus.  I found one! One of the Officers from our school had a pen in his pocket. I frantically wrote my number on his arm (something I would never dream of doing), and vowed to get his from Matt. A quick good bye and it was on the bus and to the hotel within minutes. It was late so we were all sent straight to our rooms, luckily we could call room to room. I had to know what this mystery boy thought of me, I called Matt's room to find out. I found out he liked me and he especially liked the way I danced. We headed home the next day, him and I going our separate ways.

"I said, are you gonna be my girl?" Jet
    To my surprise the phone rang for me the evening we arrived home. We exchanged a few niceties and I gave him my email so we could talk more through there. Our first couple of emails contained little things about us, our siblings, pets, favorites, and a very forward "You can ask me out if you want." from me. April 19, 2005 we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. The school year finished out and our summers carried on. I went to my dad's house and was overall gone for the summer. We started talking again when school got started with phone calls. He couldn't email often because he wasn't allowed to use his home computer. The first part of September he asked me to go to his Homecoming Dance. Since I was still 15 and he had just turned 17 that month my mom wanted to meet him and his parents. The meeting went well and they enjoyed each others company, which meant I got to go to the dance with him.
    I had always told myself that if my parents or friends didn't like the person I was dating then I would dump him like a box of rocks. Thankfully I didn't have to do that. I knew he was a keeper when my younger sister, four at the time, went to him to play and didn't run to the other room crying. We continued to go to school dances and hang out when we could, we created a friendship.

    The next summer came with jobs, activities, and a little bit of getting in trouble. The Fall brought our Junior year with more dances, dates, and family drama. I think what made those first few years together seem like we had been together our whole lives were the things we endured together. I decided to graduate a semester early and made sure that I had the extra class I needed to be able to do that. We worked together through the summer and fell into our Senior year.
 Going to the chapel
    September of our Senior year Scott asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and started planning. I would be 18 and done with school the end of January which made it perfect to have our wedding on our third anniversary in April. Getting married brought on some entertaining drama as we started to receive wedding gifts and make sure the plans were what we wanted. We stuck to our guns and enjoyed our wedding.

 Moving on Out
After we got married Scott moved in with me at my mom's house. Still under construction we were able to occupy the upstairs addition of the house. We graduated the end of May and got our college plans figured out. We moved into family housing at Idaho State University in August. Scott started classes and I was able to find a job since I wouldn't be able to start school until January. I started school in January and shortly after we found we would be starting the next chapter of our lives, I was expecting. By April we were ready to move into a two bedroom apt in our building to accommodate our growing family. The summer passed and the baby and I grew. Fall classes started and we counted down the weeks until mid October when our baby was set to arrive. Scott worked hard through the next semester and we started the search for a job.
 Move Where?
    This last summer we started the search for a career job for Scott. We picked a few states we would like to live in and turned in a few applications. About a week after submitting one application he heard back with a job offer. Knowing it may be the only one for a while we accepted. Rawlins Wyoming here we come. Like everything else minor family drama ensued. We continued with our plans and packed the apartment. It had been less than a month since Scott accepted the job and we were on the road to a new state. We spent our first week in a motel and were fortunate to find a small studio apartment owned by our Realtor.  We also started the search for a house since rent in Rawlins is so expensive. We found one and were almost closed when it fell through, we are very thankful for that. We found our current home a couple of weeks later and after months of short sale red tape we closed the end of January. Not only did we pack up and move to a new state we found ourselves adding a new addition to our family. Come the first part of May we will meet our new bundle.
    Scott and I have had a very blessed relationship. God has been an active part in our lives since before we met and has blessed us in so many ways. It will be a true joy to look back in 70 years, even ten or 20, and smile at memories.