Two Sparrows
    Five days ago my best friend, soul mate, true love, you name, left for a work trip. He had his bag packed and his ride just arrived. Neither of us were ready for him to leave and I certainly wasn't ready for what would happen before he even got out the door. I was starting to choke up, a few deep breaths kept it all lumped in my throat for a few minutes. I went to our son's room and woke him gently from his nap so he could say bye to daddy. Of course at almost 18 months old I don't think he quite understood what was happening. As I lifted him still sleepy from his bed a few tears ran from my eyes, and they wouldn't stop. Thankfully I was only a few days shy of 38 weeks pregnant so I blamed them on the hormones. Aside from that though I was seeing my husband off for eight days. The longest we have been apart in just over four years.
    So what has changed so much in four years since our last week long separation? We are married, should that make such a big difference? I think it does, back then we were Juniors in High School, talking about getting married but anything was possible right? We live in a new state where friends are slim, OK he has a couple of work buddies and I have him and our son. I am very pregnant, and even if I weren't the thought of our son being without his daddy for a week is saddening to me. I will admit if our baby was already born or I had longer to go in my pregnancy I would have had the car packed and pulled out when he did and headed to my grandmothers 7 hours away. Then we would have both been given an equal break.
    Having him gone is hard though, our 6th anniversary was yesterday, married for 3 years. We don't do a lot to celebrate anything really. Valentines Day could never exist as far as we are concerned, but an anniversary is an intimate time. By intimate I don't mean the sexual aspect of it, intimacy is so much more than that. We get to remember the promise we made to each other all just a few years ago, for better or worse. We get to remember the good, better, and best times as well as the ones we have struggled. We get to see what the struggles have brought us.
    Even though the 3 years we have been married is nothing compared to my Great Grandma and Granddad's 75 it still feels like a lifetime. We have spent the best times of our lives with each other and thinking of what is to come warm your heart with anticipation. Our chance to celebrate our years together is obviously being postponed but I know both of our hearts are ready to be together again. I find myself falling asleep mentally wrapped tightly in his arms and waking to myself mentally being scooped up in an

So beautiful... You make me so excited for our anniversary to come at the end of the year. I don't think we spend much time reflecting truly upon that special day and the promises we made to each other. You and your husband are an inspiration to married couples.

I know very well how it feels to have your husband away. I hope time is going quickly and that he's back home with his beautiful family soon.



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