Two Sparrows
    My lady friends at the chatterbox brought up tooth fairies for some of their older children this morning. It reminded me of a crochet tooth fairy that my grandma made me when I was little. She has beautiful light brown hair, removable wings, a green dress, a white dress, and a tooth purse to place your just lost tooth. Now my son is not quite 18 months old and I don't expect him to lose his teeth anytime before he is close to six. I say six because he didn't get his first tooth until 11 months old.
    Shall we get back to the point? I think so. I consider myself a novice crocheter and with at least 4 years until Corey loses a tooth I think that's ample time for me to make him a boy tooth fairy. I emailed my grandma and because she is wonderful she still has the original pattern she used when she made my sister and my tooth fairies all those years ago.
    Once I get a few minor things off my plate like, moving my son to his own room, getting his room finished, sewing a few personal items, and of course giving birth and adjusting to two beautiful babies I will start on Corey's tooth fairy and of course one for the new baby.

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