Two Sparrows
    Since I found out we were expecting our second bundle I have been looking forward to delivery day. Corey's birth was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to having another equally awesome birthing day. I am looking forward to knowing more about what my body is doing in the later stages of labor, lifting my newborn to my chest, and hearing my husbands voice tell me if we have a new son or daughter. I am looking forward to crawling into bed with my husband, son, and new baby enjoying quiet peaceful bonding.
    This baby's birth will be different in quite a few ways from our son's though. The biggest difference is our baby wont be born in a hospital but instead at home. For me having a home birth was never a scary or foreign thought. A pastor in the community I grew up in had more than one of his daughters at home; and in my simplicity is the life thought process knew that for thousands of years babies were born healthy and at home. When we moved to Wyoming I jumped online to find the local Midwives. To my surprise there was one midwife in my area. When I found we were expecting I contacted her to set up an interview style meeting. The interview went great and we were ready to schedule our first appointment.
    Scott has never questioned my preference for a midwife over an OB/GYN and after our first appointment with Corey he gained the preference too. When it came to delivering at home I made sure he had the information he needed to feel comfortable. We watched Orgasmic Birth together and I made sure to point out how the midwives carried Oxygen in case of distress whether it was for mom or baby, Pitocin in case of hemorrhage, IV supplies, and a whole list of other just in case materials that are rarely needed. I was also able to show him our midwifes resume which listed the number of years she has been practicing and where, along with her degrees and certifications. If there were to be anything she wasn't comfortable with she would order a transfer and to the hospital we would go.
    In one week we will be ready to deliver at home at any time. The list of people that know we will be delivering at home is very short and can be counted on one hand. I know that my family would not question our decision but I refuse to have to justify our decisions. Over the next few days before our next appointment I will be gathering our simple list of supplies to have on hand. Simple things like towels, wash clothes, receiving blankets, chux pads, snacks, all things that are in our closet or cupboards.
    We have a 5 week window to deliver the baby at home. It starts the 11th of April at 37 wks and will end the 15th of May at week 42. Due to Scott's upcoming training schedule that 5 week window is really a 3 week window. Weeks 39 and 41 are out since he will be 1500 miles away in Ohio. We are praying for an on time baby.

What a beautiful thing!! I'm so excited for you!! My son was born on his exact due date so I'll make sure he sends a baby message to your bun in oven with pointers on how to be right on time! :)


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