Two Sparrows
    Call me Old Fashion but I love not knowing the gender of my babies before they are born. My mom had five children and never knew the gender for any of us. My poor husband says he would like to know before their birth but I think he enjoys announcing the sex more than he likes to admit.
    While I was pregnant with our son, Corey, we made sure to tell the ultra sound tech that we did not want to know the gender. That was our one and only ultra sound and it was easy to say no just the one time. I worked part time at Kmart and thoroughly enjoyed the looks on peoples faces when I told them we did not know the babies gender. I was then told how they could never not know because they have to plan etc. etc. I would simply say "Well our plan is to have more than one baby so it makes no sense to buy everything in one color, and it will make my unmedicated childbirth worth it."  Unmedicated birth is another post for another day, I got plenty of comments on that too.
    As they weeks grew nearer to our son's arrival the suspense grew too. It was like being four again and waiting for Santa to bring Christmas. You think "I can't wait to find out what I get." As the weeks grow nearer for our new babes arrival I am starting to get the same feelings. I can picture our babies birth and my husband lifting up the baby and announcing the gender to whomever is in the room.
    As friends show off the new church shoes they are looking forward to purchasing for Easter or the cute dresses and clothes in general for girls; I think aww I want a girl. I then look at my toddler boy and think how wonderful it would be to have another crazy boy running around. Either way I know I will love the new baby as much as I love Corey no matter what. One benefit I found in not finding out Corey's gender is I wasn't allowed to be disappointed. I had 40 weeks to love my baby for being my baby and not being a little boy or girl. I was able to come to terms with the thought of potentially having a girl, a mortifying thought before becoming pregnant with Corey.
    In the end a healthy baby is all that I think anyone wants. I know everyone finds a benefit to their choices but to me there is nothing better than hearing my husbands voice telling me the se

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