Two Sparrows
Like the title says this one is about Tinkle, OK potty training but pee is involved and sometimes its just poopy.
Tinkle Time
    Being 11 and 16 years older than my two little sisters a hand full of my parenting techniques/choices come from seeing my mom tend my sisters. One of those is potty training I don't remember the exact details but I remember both were diaper free by two. I don't judge but seeing a child past 2.5/3 still in diapers baffles me. I remember my sisters being introduced to the potty starting at one. My mom would place them on the potty before bath or in the morning while she got ready for work. I started there. At a year I would place Corey on a potty seat. He would go occasionally and Scott and I would praise like crazy. I wasn't overly consistent more of "when I remember" kind of thing. At about 18 months old Corey woke up dry from bed and nap. I would sit him on the toilet and let him go. Sometimes it took a few minutes, turning on the sink, and even stepping out of the bathroom.
Lets Do It
    I started researching techniques. Like I said before, I remember a few potty points from my sisters but not full details. I also asked my friends who had potty trained before. Through this I found the three day technique and using a kitchen timer to be great helps. Corey did great for a few days with few accidents but it took a toll on his verbal skills (minimal at best at the time). He began to have more accidents and I was losing patience. I was also eight months pregnant. Corey and I weren't fully ready but I wasn't wanting to make it an end of the world issue. Looking back there were a few things that needed to happen first. He was still getting a paci for bed and nap, this brings on similar feelings as preschoolers still in diapers. He also had minimal verbal skills, on track but not advanced.
Picking a seat
    This is probably one of the most tedious tasks. We started with a toilet seat, the ring that sits on the main toilet. I have always had an eww factor when it comes to the little potties, but it  has turned out to be our biggest asset. It allows Corey to go potty on his own, a bonus with a three month old. I do wish I would have known ahead of time what I really wanted in a potty before making my purchase. We have a 3-1 potty, for the early training stage its the full potty, then the seat comes off and sits on the big potty and the base can be used as a step stool. Its a great concept but not, in my opinion, built for boys. The front of the seat where the bump/splash guard is is one solid straight piece. For a girl its perfect but for little boys the splash guard makes a splash and end up with the full elimination being shot out of the potty and on to the floor. I have placed a towel under his potty to catch pee. Since potties aren't something you can return after a handful of uses we will use it until Corey is potty trained. Before we potty train Ryan though I may find a way to get rid of it and pick a potty that is boy friendly. In fact I am thinking next years yard sale will be a great place for it.
Going to town
     In some of the research I did I found suggestions saying take the kiddo potty before leaving and then while at your destination, taking your kiddo frequently will help them get used to going potty but also prevent accidents. So how do you take your toddler pee on huge public toilet? Well, you can buy a potty that you leave in the trunk/back of the car so you don't have to to use the huge public toilet, or for the same price or less you can purchase a fold up potty seat. We purchased one for Corey and it has been a great investment. Its folds up to a great diaper bag size. We have used ours at church, restaurants, stores etc.
Current training
    Just over two weeks ago Corey took his diaper off upon waking up one morning. That is a deal breaker for me so we started using the potty. Aside from bed and some naps Corey is out of diapers. Does he still have accidents, sure but its worth it. He has been doing great. Most of his accidents happen when he has shorts or underwear on because he is still learning how to pull them up and down. The other day he was in underwear and went in to pee on the potty. He did great except he didn't pull down his underwear first. For his birthday he is getting some big boy underwear, he has been in trainers so far.

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