Two Sparrows
    We have a room in our basement that seeps water when there is a lot of run off or melt. With the recent weather being as hormonal as I am we have had a lot of snow and melt. Snow and melt means water in that room. We are currently using it for storage and we put broke down boxes on the floor just in case. The hubs and I are very thankful we did. Out of all the boxes there was one with a damp bottom. It was a large box of my childhood toys and memories.
    Last night I carefully maneuvered it upstairs to the living room. Its wasn't an overly heavy box but being almost 38 weeks pregnant and the hubs having left town hours before for a week long business trip, I didn't need to go throwing myself into early labor. I grabbed the scissors from the drawer and cut the tape as my little man watched near by. I pulled back the flaps of the box and was flooded with memories.
    Lying right on top were my two favorite baby dolls, Natalie, sporting her batman pants and hooded shirt, and Nathanial, wrapped cozily in his original outfit. Under them were a handful of other dolls that were more suited to be left out for Corey to play with.
    Below my dolls were stuffed animals galore. In the stack of stuffed animals I found a crocheted mama bunny with her baby, who opened on bottom and held candies, and a bottle that also held a roll of lifesavers. Yes, there were/are still candies in the baby and bottle. The bunny, just like my tooth fairy were hand made by my grandmother.
    After the stuffed animals came the barbies. I wasn't as in to barbies as my sister was but I had a few things. One of which was a plastic canvas nursery made special for me by my mom. The nursery includes everything from the dresser, lamp, drop side crib, crib mattress, toy box (with blocks), I think there is even a changing table, a rocking chair, you name its there. My sister and I played with these things for hours.
    Tucked next to the nursery was yet another home made memory. A small faux leather satchel, about the size of a college rule note book. Inside the satchel was a tan detectives cape. Again made by my grandma for hours of detective fun. I am pretty sure when we first received our kits they had a note pad and pen, along with a magnifying glass and other detective essentials.
    As I reminisced and Corey poked through the "new" toys I got out for him I wondered what kinds of memories he would have when he got older. Will he enjoy memories of refrigerator box houses and homemade detective kits like I did? Will he have hand crafted toys to cherish when he is older? I know that making these memories a reality for him are still a few years off yet but I think as a parent you wonder. I want him to enjoy simple play like I did growing up. I want him to have a longer childhood than I did, one that's not riddled with the things I went through. Above all I want him to know how much he is loved. I know its not a memory he will retain but

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