Two Sparrows
    When counting your blessings what are the first things you count? Food in the fridge? Paid bills? A Job?  Do you ever count your spouse first? You children? Friends and people that care for you even if you have yet to meet them in person?
    While getting ready to start my day yesterday I was thinking of the shawl I was making for my mom.I immediately thought of the next one I have planned. A simple thank you for caring so much about someone that they have yet to meet in person and my never. A simple gesture of my gratitude for loving me the way Christ does, unquestioning and supplying for a need.
    As I think of this wonderful woman and her kindness I think of all the other great women I have met in my chatterbox since my son's birth almost 18 months ago. A group of women who have never met (some live close enough for an occasional meet-up or play date) but show each other love and compassion. Offering a listening ear and providing essential advice when needed.
    Counting your blessings should include more than just the material items in your home and life. Blessings of the heart are true blessings. They can be kept with you always and will never wear out or be destroyed. Today as I count my blessings I am counting the ones of the heart. My husband's love and presence in my life, My son's laugh and the joy he has brought me, My friends whom I have never met and may never meet who I can always count on for support and help, The love and support I receive from my family, and all the people and little things that have gotten me through

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